Do you know the real value of your air conditioning or plumbing business?

Unlock the mystery of your business' valuation with the help of Brandon Jacob, CPA, the industry's foremost experienced business valuation authority.

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Contractors Financial Opportunity

Contractors Financial Opportunity’s (CFO) purpose is to deliver Chief Financial Officer level financial expertise to the owners of privately held air conditioning and plumbing businesses. CFO’s specific focus is to deliver clients highly accurate and fair business valuations, managing sophisticated exit strategies and executing business transactions in order to maximize the highest return for the hard work and sacrifice invested into the business by the owner.

Business Valuations

  • Specific experience in valuations, buying and selling within the HVAC and plumbing industries. HVAC and plumbing is not one of the industries we do, it is all that we do!
  • Situations calling for a business valuation are commonly emotional and stressful periods of business ownership. Rely on industry specific experience to deliver a fair and accurate value for your business.
  • Buying a business can lead to disaster, especially if you have never done so before. Before making an investment, make sure you have all the necessary valuation and due diligence information.

Business Valuations

Exit Strategies

  • Selling your business is, for many, a once in a lifetime event. Having someone on your side who has the transactional experience will ensure that your transaction is successfully completed.
  • The Sell Smart System is a proven system for preparing businesses for sale as the business grows. The Sell Smart System eliminates operational distractions because shorter steps are taken over a longer period of time.
  • Businesses that fail to prepare an exit strategy are 10X more likely to be paid LESS than fair market value when they sell their business.

Exit Strategies

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Do you know the value of your air conditioning or plumbing business?

Unlock the mystery with the help of Brandon Jacob, CPA, the industry’s foremost experienced business valuation, mergers, and acquisition authority.

Understanding the value of your business is an important piece of information when selling the business, planning an exit strategy, estate planning, resolving partnership disputes, developing buy/sell agreements and seeking financing.

For What It’s Worth is a practical guide to unlocking the mystery of how to determine the value of your air conditioning and plumbing businesses

“Brandon did a great job in writing this book! It’s easy to read and his extensive use of examples makes it even more practical. Although you may have no plans to sell your business it just makes good sense to know the value of it. And, once you know the present value it will motivate you to continue improving your company building the value.” – Ron Smith, Author of “HVAC Spells Wealth”, and “HVAC Light Commercial Service Agreements”

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Premium Access now offers Contractor-Comp, a completed transaction database for contractors.

I am excited to launch my Contractor-Comp, a database containing details of timely and relevant business transactions from within the HVAC, plumbing and electrical service industry.  The Contractor-Comp database is now available to Premium Access members. The database contains relevant details and facts on completed contracting business transactions including annual revenues and earnings of the selling business, type of sale, purchase price, multiple of earnings paid, terms and interest rates on the terms. Historically, when using other commercially offered databases, I have found that all forms of contracting businesses from residential service to commercial new construction were presented lumped together. …..


Your Job is to Invent a Business You Can Sell

I just returned from Dallas, Texas where I attended to ACCA’s 2015 Convention. It’s always good to get caught up with the leaders of the air conditioning industry at this show. A highlight for me was the keynote speaker on Wednesday; Michael Gerber. Michael Gerber is the author of the E-Myth series of books and is definitely a motivating speaker for business owners. As I listened to Gerber I took several notes on the points he made. As I reviewed my notes, two moments of his presentation stood out. First, he asked for a show of hands as to who…..


Transaction Announcement – Banner Air Conditioning, LLC

The pace of air conditioning and plumbing business sales continues to be consistent. Although there is consistency, the landscape to successfully complete a transaction remains laced with many pitfalls for the unprepared. Contracting businesses with reliable profitability, a longer operating history, a transferable customer base and fortunate enough to be operating in a growing market will find themselves entertaining multiple offers. Despite the good need, It is imperative that these business owners understand their company’s value as they will be approached by several would-be investors seeking to pay less than fair market. In many cases, buyers will be looking to…..