Do you know the real value of your air conditioning or plumbing business?

Unlock the mystery of your business’ valuation with the help of Brandon Jacob, CPA, the industry’s foremost experienced business valuation authority.

Contractors Financial Opportunity

Contractors Financial Opportunity’s (CFO) purpose is to deliver Chief Financial Officer level financial expertise to the owners of privately held air conditioning and plumbing businesses. CFO’s specific focus is to deliver clients highly accurate and fair business valuations, managing sophisticated exit strategies and executing business transactions in order to maximize the highest return for the hard work and sacrifice invested into the business by the owner.

Business Valuations

  • Specific experience in valuations, buying and selling within the HVAC and plumbing industries. HVAC and plumbing is not one of the industries we do, it is all that we do!
  • Situations calling for a business valuation are commonly emotional and stressful periods of business ownership. Rely on industry specific experience to deliver a fair and accurate value for your business.
  • Buying a business can lead to disaster, especially if you have never done so before. Before making an investment, make sure you have all the necessary valuation and due diligence information.

Exit Strategies

  • Selling your business is, for many, a once in a lifetime event. Having someone on your side who has the transactional experience will ensure that your transaction is successfully completed.
  • The Sell Smart System is a proven system for preparing businesses for sale as the business grows. The Sell Smart System eliminates operational distractions because shorter steps are taken over a longer period of time.
  • Businesses that fail to prepare an exit strategy are 10X more likely to be paid LESS than fair market value when they sell their business.
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Do you envision selling your business one day, but feel uncertain on how or when to begin planning?

Discover the secrets of executing a successful exit strategy with the help of Brandon Jacob, a CPA who has dedicated his career to assisting businesses owners understanding the value, preparing for the transition and navigating through the hidden minefields that lay between an entrepreneur and the successful sale of his business.

The most important day of any business is the day in which the owner successfully transitions his business.  The sale may be to a strategic buyer, an investor, another entrepreneur, to a family member or even an employee.  A successful sale is only possible supported by the formulation and execution of an exit strategy.  Gaining an understanding of how to prepare for the sale of your business and the risks associated with unsuccessful attempts are valuable and critical pieces of information that will ensure the sale is successful.

Do you know the value of your air conditioning or plumbing business?

Unlock the mystery with the help of Brandon Jacob, CPA, the industry’s foremost experienced business valuation, mergers, and acquisition authority.

Understanding the value of your business is an important piece of information when selling the business, planning an exit strategy, estate planning, resolving partnership disputes, developing buy/sell agreements and seeking financing.

For What It’s Worth is a practical guide to unlocking the mystery of how to determine the value of your air conditioning and plumbing businesses.


What others are saying

  • Brandon Jacob assisted me every step of the way in selling my HVAC business. Tremendously helpful was his initial valuation work, financial presentations to potential buyers and his drive to get the transaction completed. I am convinced that without the support of Contractors Financial Opportunity the deal would have never happened

    Robert Hayes
    Former Owner of Pure Air Technology
  • Approaching everything from a numerical standpoint, Brandon was able to analyze Air Star and help identify certain areas that prevented us from reaching the profit level we now enjoy!

    Air Star Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.
  • For many contractors, selling a business will be a once in a lifetime event. Enlisting the support of a professional who not only knows how to successfully navigate through the sale process, but also one who knows how to prepare your business is the most important move you can take to guarantee maximum value for your business

    Dave Aiken
    Former Owner of Mr. Air
  • If you are seeking a professional and unbiased estimate of value of what your business is worth, I highly recommend Brandon Jacob.

    Pat Murphy
    Pat Murphy Electric, Inc.
  • When I sold my business the buyer’s lenders relied on the valuation work of Brandon Jacob. Without a credible independent valuation to support what I expected for the business, the buyer’s financing would have never come through

    Terry Simms
    Former Owner of Nacogdoches Sheetmetal and Plumbing
  • When considering the purchase of a competitor, consider first consulting with someone like Brandon Jacob who not only has the financial expertise, but also an in-depth knowledge of the HVAC business!

    Martin Hoover
    Empire Heating and Air, Inc.
  • When discussions regarding selling my business with one investor ended, Brandon Jacob was quick to identify the next potential investor. With a “never say never” attitude, Brandon assisted me in my transaction to close.

    Duke McAlpine
    Park Mechanical, Inc.
  • Growth through acquisition has been a successful strategy for 24/7 Service Corporation. Brandon Jacob’s expertise has enabled us to remain focused on other aspects of our business while working through the negotiations and due diligence of several plumbing and HVAC purchases.

    Ken Goodrich
    24/7 Service Corporation
  • I grew my business planning to maximize the sale price when the right investor came along. Brandon Jacob assisted me prepare my business as well as to help me set the right expectations regarding the value of the business and the transaction terms. Brandon enabled me to stayed focused on the operations while at the same time address those necessary steps to ensure the business was refined to maximize the value.

    Alan O’Neil
    Abacus Plumbing
  • To say that “For What It’s Worth” made a significant difference in the sale of my business would be a HUGE understatement. When I decided to sell I was pretty down on my business and probably would have settled for less before reading your book. A SHORT AND AND EASY READ!!! God Bless You for that, cause I haven’t finished a business book since I dropped out of college in ’98’! Thank you Brandon, for helping me unlock the secrets to getting the most money for my air conditioning business.

    Gene Slade Jr.
    Air Genie Air Conditioning Co.
  • I recently purchased a business that was represented by Brandon Jacob.  From A to Z,  Brandon was instrumental in  seeing the transaction all the way through.  In the end, I doubt the transaction would have closed without Brandon’s participation.  It is good to know the contracting industry has a go to go for valuations and business transactions.

    Rich Hare
    Integrity Comfort Solutions (Formerly Conroe Air)
  • Brandon, with Contractors Financial Opportunity, was instrumental during J.R. Bolton Services’ recent acquisition.  I recommend consulting with Brandon if you are considering buying, or selling, an HVAC or plumbing company.

    Jeff Bolton
    J.R. Bolton Services, Inc.

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