For What It’s Worth

Do you know the value of your air conditioning or plumbing business?

Unlock the mystery with the help of Brandon Jacob, CPA, the industry’s foremost experienced business valuation, mergers, and acquisition authority.

Understanding the value of your business is an important piece of information when selling the business, planning an exit strategy, estate planning, resolving partnership disputes, developing buy/sell agreements and seeking financing.

For What It’s Worth is an internationally acclaimed practical guide to unlocking the mystery of how to determine the value of your air conditioning and plumbing businesses.

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In this book, you will discover…

  • Where the foundation for today’s valuation methods, approaches and theories were developed
  • The components of a contracting business valuation
  • What features build value within your company
  • How to value the tangible and intangible assets of your business
  • How to calculate a fair market value using the Earnings Approach
  • How to increase the value of your business

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About the Author, Brandon Jacob

  • Completed numerous valuation projects, altogether representing $200,000,000 in revenues
  • Implemented multi-year exit strategies resulting in the sale of businesses
  • Provided sellers with guidance in transactions with national companies, utilities, private contractors and investors
  • Divested branches of national contracting companies
  • Conducted acquisition due diligence for investors
  • Completed transaction negotiations for all levels of investors
  • Guided investors in purchasing contracting businesses


ronsmith“Brandon did a great job in writing this book! It’s easy to read and his extensive use of examples makes it even more practical. Although you may have no plans to sell your business it just makes good sense to know the value of it. And, once you know the present value it will motivate you to continue improving your company building the value.”

– Ron Smith, Author of “HVAC Spells Wealth”, and “HVAC Light Commercial Service Agreements”