A completed transaction database for contractors.

I am excited to launch my Contractor-Comp, a database containing details of timely and relevant business transactions from within the HVAC, plumbing and electrical service industry.  The Contractor-Comp database is now available to Premium Access members.

The database contains relevant details and facts on completed contracting business transactions including annual revenues and earnings of the selling business, type of sale, purchase price, multiple of earnings paid, terms and interest rates on the terms.

Historically, when using other commercially offered databases, I have found that all forms of contracting businesses from residential service to commercial new construction were presented lumped together.  Contractor-Comp contains only transaction data for service contracting businesses.   As a result the facts are relevant for anyone attempting to understand what is being paid for service contracting businesses.

In addition to the information being factual it is also timely. All transactions that I have direct access to the data will be updated continually.  Earlier transactions that still are relevant will slowly be added to the database for use as well.