For What It’s Worth

For What It’s Worth


Do you know the value of your air conditioning or plumbing business?

Unlock the mystery with the help of Brandon Jacob, CPA, the industry’s foremost experienced business valuation, mergers, and acquisition authority.

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    Understanding the value of your business is an important piece of information when selling the business, planning an exit strategy, estate planning, resolving partnership disputes, developing buy/sell agreements and seeking financing.

    For What It’s Worth is an internationally acclaimed practical guide to unlocking the mystery of how to determine the value of your air conditioning and plumbing businesses.

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    5 reviews for For What It’s Worth

      • Ron Smith June 1, 2014

        Brandon did a great job in writing this book! It’s easy to read and his extensive use of examples makes it even more practical. Although you may have no plans to sell your business it just makes good sense to know the value of it. And, once you know the present value it will motivate you to continue improving your company building the value.

        • Alan O’Neil August 29, 2014

          Brandon assisted me in setting expectations for my business as part of my exit strategy. The same methods, theories and principles that he used to value my business are explained in an easy to understand format in his book. Brandon has been the industry’s “go to” guy for business valuations for many years and his actual experience supports his explanations in a way that relates to both financial and non-financial readers.

          • Mike Weil October 12, 2014

            BUY THIS BOOK! It’s chock full of outstanding ideas to help you create an exit strategy through the valuation and sale of your business. Brandon Jacobs is an expert in this area. He’s dedicated his 20-plus year career to understanding the value of air conditioning and plumbing businesses and how these valuations work in business transactions. He’s poured years of hands-on-practical-experience into the pages of “What Its Worth,” and unlocks the mystery of how to value your contracting business – all in an easy-to-read and entertaining format.

            BUY THIS BOOK. Learn not only how to value your business, but what you can do today to increase its value.

            • Duke McAlpine November 4, 2014

              Brandon communicates in a very understandable step by step approach on how to value an HVAC business. This is a great read for anyone who wants to maximize the value of his/her business!

              • Rob Hayes December 18, 2014

                Having realistic expectations for the value of your contracting business is critical. When I sold my air conditioning business I relied heavily on Brandon Jacob’s calculations. Having a complete understanding of the value of my business was especially important when negotiations heated up. In his book, Brandon not only explains how to value your contracting business, but goes ones step further and explains why your contracting business is valued the way in which it is. I found the book both interesting and informative.

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